Donation from First Campaign

Today is an exciting day here at Our Cool Finds. Today, we received confirmation of our first donation to causes we care about. When we opened our online doors in September of 2020, our mission included using our online platform as a means to help Communities in need.

At that time, there were unprecedented forest fires in California. Given that we are a California based business, this hit close to home.  Several people we knew were evacuated and some lost everything. It was clear that this would be our first cause to help. The timing was perfect. So proceeds from purchases from 9/20 (our open date) to 10/15/2020 were earmarked for this important cause.

Today we were able to share with our online Community that we fulfilled our promise and that the purchases made in our store made a difference to Communities in need. Our donation was modest, it was proportionate to our sales during the campaign period. But every little bit helps and our Customers have helped Communities impacted by these tragic fires.

This is what it's about. This is why we are in business. We look forward to continued growth, providing awesome products to awesome customers and making our Communities better at the same time.

Here is what we received from the California Wildfire Relief Organization " We appreciate your contribution. Your valuable donation for the low income families and animals will help a lot in their relief efforts"



Thanks to all of our customers that helped make this possible.