Our First Month In Review

Wow, we have learned so much in the last 30 days. We became a business in late September 2020 and in the last month so much has happened. When we started out, we knew that we wanted to sell cool pop culture apparel and gifts because we wanted our store to be fun. 

We also knew that we wanted to use our store as an opportunity to give back to communities that need support. So we put the two of these goals goals together and created the Our Cool Finds online store, where a percentage of every purchase will be donated to a current cause or charity. What a perfect combination!

But we had a a lot to do before that idea could become a reality. We needed to establish ourselves as a Business, find quality products that were manufactured in the US, made of good quality and could provide reasonable shipping times. . This is going to be an ongoing process and we are very excited about how it is coming along.  We have been able to source more than 100 products in several different collections from manufacturers that share our desire for quality US products, reasonable shipping times and a commitment to customer service. And this is just the beginning!

We also started a Facebook page to develop our online Community of awesome people who enjoy fun cool products and want to help Communities in need. We are going strong with more than 900 page followers in the last 30 days. 

So we opened our store, we started our Facebook page and we are looking forward to our next steps. Success doesn't happen overnight, and we know that. We are committed to providing honest, ethical customer service on awesome products and sharing the milestones that we accomplish with our fans and subscribers. We have a lot to learn in this new business arena and we are applying our lessons learned as quickly as we can. 

Stay tuned for updates and celebratory milestones! 

We look forward to finding cool products at a reasonable price and helping Communities that need our support. If you have not yet joined our Community of awesomeness, please make sure to add your email address and subscribe to our newsletters. You will be happy you did!

Here's to the next phase of growing our business, and with any luck a few consistent sales! 

If you have any questions or feedback for us, you can always contact us at support@ourcoolfinds.com

Thanks for reading, and thanks for your support of Our Cool Finds!